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Guided Studio Workshop class

I started teaching my guided studio class this past Saturday. It was so fun! I think students were pretty satisfied with our first day.

The idea is to help beginner or intermediate painters develop some momentum in their practice — by scheduling weekly time for them to paint, helping them develop confidence, and building some skills around color theory, drafting, etc. It’s every Saturday morning for 3 months, so I’m hoping people will really feel some shifts in their work.

The class is actually modeled after a yoga class I used to go at IndyYoga. In that class, everyone came in with different levels of skill and experience. Over time, the instructor got to know how to help each person in their own practice. In addition to liking the yoga, I liked that we drew from a fairly steady group of participants — no one came every week, but almost everyone came pretty regularly, and our motley crew always arrived grateful for the chance to practice and to be at that place, with that teacher, in that moment. We’ll see if I can figure out how to recreate some of those feelings in this class.

Posted 14 weeks ago

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