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Coffee pots

I set a goal a few weeks ago of painting 3 little paintings every week, in addition to work on larger pieces. This is the first week I’ve actually gotten 3 little ones done – but made no progress on any of the bigger ones. Still, had some fun with the little ones, below. (You can imagine I spent a lot of time thinking about coffee this week, wishing for more!)

            3 coffee pots, painted in oil on panel, 6x6″ or 6x12″

I think my favorite part may be the background of the tall one on the right. I LOVE colorful patterns in fabrics, but they can quickly become a problem in paintings… For this one I roughed out the colors and values from the background and then scratched a pattern in – it feels fun and referential, but not too bogged down or distracting. I like the effect – now, how can I use it more?

Posted 24 weeks ago

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