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Opportunities in limitations?

I’ve just started going to a weekly life drawing session on Mondays in Calais. I love it! I haven’t had much exposure to this sort of thing and it’s really challenging and energizing (and tiring, in its way, too).

Everyone in the group works quite differently — different media, different compositions, different speeds. In the time I worked on one paint sketch, for example, the person next to me would do 6-9 pencil sketches. We had people working in oils, acrylics, pencil, clay and pastels.

Usually the model holds the same pose for the whole time, which I find appealing — it gives me time to work on whatever I’m trying. But yesterday we ended up doing three 60-minute poses and I think my work was better. Is that because I had less time to overwork things? Had to keep my aspirations simple given the time limit? Additional attempts to capture the same person?


                sketches of model John LePage, oil on canvas, 10/16/19

Next week will be another long-pose session. But I think I should at least try two paintings instead of my usual one — to replicate some of the pressures/opportunities that yielded pleasing results this time ‘round.

Posted 26 weeks ago

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