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It’s been a busy painting fall, but I’ve been off my regular studio routines (more on that in later posts). Today was the first day I held my feet to the fire (in this case, keeping my feet in front of the easel is the challenge — it’s so tempting to turn away and distract myself with something else that supposedly needs doing) and worked up a couple of little experiments.


          Morning Cloudbreak, acrylic on panel, 6" x 6"

The first came from the drive in this morning, a gray and gusty November morning. Winter suddenly looms ahead. It’s easy to get a little nervous: how long will it last? will there be too little or too much snow? how long till the days start to lengthen again? will it melt and bring spring before we go insane? Ruminating on the negative possibilities (a long, dark, cold winter of icy roads), I looked up to see a break in the clouds, sun beaming out and felt a moment of hope that it will be okay.And then, gratitude for the chance to see all the problems were in my head — today is just another day I am given to make what I will.


              Latte Lace, oil on panel, 6" x 6"

The other piece was finished up from an effort last week — today I went back in to try and brighten and warm it up a bit. I had noticed a neat, almost-honeycomb pattern on the latte glass at the bakery last week. The warm colors of squash soup and wood and pottery, and all the dish circles, felt cozy and lovely. Could I transform the detritus of lunch into a glimpse of the shared moment of companionship that had brought me to the bakery in the first place?

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