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A fun departure last week – while I was in fact departed from home, attending a great, weeklong workshop in Gloucester at the Northeast Arts Workshop. 

Most mornings I got up early to take a walk before heading to the studio and on one of them was treated to a tour of large lichen-covered boulders that littered the woods, thrown up so so long ago by the glaciers. It was like a sculpture garden in a forest… Even though I’d mostly been working on portraits and figures during the week away, I whipped out several little abstracts that morning and loved the simple energy and abstracted planes in them. 

But they had such thin layers of paint that I tried to goose the colors a bit when I got home – which quickly threatened them with overworking. As I tinkered with this one, I tried to be really intentional and, to me, it still has that spontaneous feeling that pleased me when they first flew out of the brush… 


              Fungus Amongus, oil on panel, 6″ x 12″

Posted 27 weeks ago

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