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First week back

Climbing back on the blog horse after a loooong time away. There were kids, there was cancer, there was an (awesome) exchange student, there was a crazy decision to join the school board… there was LIFE in all its glory. 

But the kids got back to school this week, I headed back to the studio, rearranged the furniture (always a good way to signal the start of something new), lay on the blue couch, fought back the demons, procrastinated by looking at my website, and realized that was yet another area of the art work that needed some attention (doh). Ah well.

While I often feel a bit unmoored during the summer when I am out of the studio, the return to painting is always still a little scary for me – will I still be able to paint? Will I have any ideas? Should I just give up? It was a rough couple days, but I did pull out the paintbox – and actually use it. Here’s what I worked on Thursday, developing a little 6″x6″ oil from a photo I’d taken this summer: 

Posted 32 weeks ago

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