Do you enjoy paint & sip nights, but are uncomfortable painting without a structure? 
Are you daunted by a blank canvas, unsure about where or how to start?
Have you wished you had taken more art classes back in high school? 

This one-day, beginning class will be a fun, accessible way to step confidently into painting independently. Acrylic paints are a straightforward, user-friendly way to get started, and their versatility makes them a popular choice for everything from fine arts to artisanal crafts to home hobbies.

We’ll have fun getting a feel for the paints but will also have plenty of time to try a few different things. We’ll also talk about how to get started painting at home without breaking the bank or needing to quit your day job. And, you’ll still have the rest of the summer to play with paints — over vacation or outdoors or in a project…

For whom? for new painters as well as those who may have some experience but are wanting guidance to begin to develop their practice in a new way 

When? Saturday July 8th from 9:30AM to 3:30PM

Where? at the White Meeting House at 8 North Main Street in Waterbury Village (aka the Congregational Church). Park in the lot next to the church and come in through the side door.  We will mostly be working in the dining room, which is down the ramp to the right of the entryway.

Cost? $50  (Includes materials)

Please bring:  Please bring lunch and snacks for yourself as well. Please bring an easel if you have one (table or floor, whichever you prefer).If you prefer to use your own materials, you are welcome to bring them. If you are using your own materials, I suggest that you work off of canvas pads or pieces of canvas, and not stretched canvases (I have some boards we can put behind your canvas so that you work off of a stable surface.) We will mostly be doing exercises and quick paintings, not masterpieces, and I have found that using simple sheets of canvas reduces the pressure for perfection and increases the pleasure of experimentation!  

About me: I am a local painter. I live in Duxbury, and work out of my studio in Waterbury Village. I am mostly self-taught, which means that I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to move from where I am skill-wise, to where I want to be skill-wise; this experience helps me support students in their own learning and progress. You can find out more about me by poking around this website.

Please email or call me with any questions you may have: or 802-244-8581.

Sign up by filling out this form. I look forward to having you in class!

Comments from recent students:

"If you want to step out and try something that may be out of your comfort zone, [Torrey] provides a positive and safe environment to do that."

"Torrey does a great job explaining the concepts and process, it was not at all intimidating. She also creates a very accepting and safe atmosphere for learning."

"I appreciated the personalized help and thought that it was very helpful. Good clear points, insights into what we could be doing to improve our [work]."