Like many people, I often have lots of ideas bubbling around in my head.  While of course a lot of them are brilliant, world-changing ideas that will likely never be pursued (alas), I do try to followup on some of them.  Here are a few of the pots on the fire that I am stirring and trying to coax along, right now.  For example:


Inasmuch as I do something "full-time," this is it.  This fall I added oils to my repertoire a couple years ago and have been exploring alla prima painting, where the artist does a painting from life, all in one sitting.  It's been a huge challenge to change mediums and develop images in such a different way, but it's been really engaging. More about my fine arts work is at

Art Classes

This winter I will be offering guided studio class for 3-months of Saturday mornings. Find out more here!

Interested in a particular course offering? Let me know and I may be able to put together a class!

Community Arts Activism

I'm on a mission to connect more people to the arts -- to help them see how the arts are relevant and valuable in our lives.  Here are a few of the recent efforts:

  • I organize and curate Meeting House Arts at Waterbury's White Meeting House.
  • I promote local arts opportunities.
  • I host open studio events that allow more people to see into the world of art-making.

Love Campaign

On January 20, 2017, I began my love campaign, applying hearts and logos about love to my shirts and sweaters.  It's the start of an effort to focus on love as a guiding force in my own life and to also (hopefully) act as a beacon to attract others who are interested in similar ideas and actions.  Not sure where it will go yet, but am excited to have taken the step.


(at left) Over the last several years, I have been painting little mantras for myself... reminders of things I'm working on, like trying to be more compassionate, or more flexible...  When friends visit the studio, these smaller works often grab them.  The work feels important, but I am still trying to figure out how to share it with the wider world.  Here are some examples.


One of my greatest struggles is to take good care of myself.  It's important enough and such a challenge that I have explicitly put it here or else it is the first thing that gets dumped when life gets busy (which is just about always for people, these days).  

  • I take fitness classes taught be the inspirational Becky Widschwenter
  • I go to a great, thought-provoking church
  • I listen to the On Being podcast, which talks with inspiring artists, activists and theologians -- among others.
  • I listen to the AudioDharma podcast, which is always thought-provoking and energizing

Local Governance

I just joined our local school board. It's made up of some really good people working hard to do right for our communities. But it's a thankless, tough job... On the other hand, like jury duty, don't we want to be sure that thoughtful, reasonable people are among those behind the reins?

All materials on this website created by Torrey Carroll Smith -- artist, mom and community activist in Waterbury, Vermont