Do you struggle to make time to paint or draw?
Wish you had someone to check-in with about how to fix a painting that’s stalled?
Wonder how to further develop your skills?
Hope to meet other people who are also pursuing artistic interests? 

Consider joining me for a 3-month guided studio class.
This class is an effort to give you the space and time
to grow your skills and your confidence as a painter or sketcher.

Overview: This idea is especially developed for the beginning or intermediate acrylic or oil painter looking to build some momentum in their practice. If that's not quite you, but you think this class could be a good fit your life right now, let's talk and see what might work. Although a group class, I’ll work with each person independently based on their experience and aspirations, which offers us a lot of flexibility. 

Depending on where you are in your development, we can explore a variety of ideas, including:

  • what to paint, how to get started, how to manage technical aspects of the medium...
  • color mixing and color theory to boost your confidence and skills in this area
  • tools in the toolbox: composition, value, edges, mark making, fixing a painting that is "stuck"
  • finding your "voice" -- exploring subjects in different ways, developing a series...

It will be a low-key, friendly group of people who are ready to try some new things -- and also willing to chuckle at the challenges that can present! 

Dates & Times: We’ll meet from 10AM to 1 PM on Saturday mornings starting on January 5th and going through January, February and March 2019. Three hours gives us plenty of time to confer and plenty of time to work!

Cost: The total cost for the 13 sessions is $150 — which I’m hoping is low enough to incentivize you to take this chance, but also expensive enough to encourage you to show up! (And, yes, it will be fine if you miss a class or two!)

Materials: Bring your own materials, in the medium you prefer, and photos or still life materials to paint or draw. If you don’t have materials yet, please don’t buy them before the first class (I can bring materials for you that day). Let’s talk and I’ll find out more about what you’re hoping to do, then make some helpful suggestions about what to get and where to get it. Artmaking can get expensive really fast — but you can make great paintings without lots of expensive stuff too, if you know what to look for (and I do!).

Where: We will meet at the White Meeting House, 8 North Main Street in Waterbury Village (aka the Congregational Church). Park in the lot next to the church and come in through the side door. We will mostly be working in the dining room, which is down the ramp to the right of the entryway.

About me: I am a local painter. I live in Duxbury, and work out of my studio in Waterbury Village. I am mostly self-taught, which means that I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to move from where I am skill-wise, to where I want to be skill-wise; this experience helps me support students in their own learning and progress. You can find out more about me by poking around this website.

Please email or call me with any questions you may have, and to sign up for the class: or 802-244-8581.

Comments from recent students:

"The pace was perfect."

"Each lesson seemed self-contained yet they formed nice building blocks."

"The focused/customized tips and suggestions were very helpful."

"Torrey does a great job explaining the concepts and process, it was not at all intimidating. She also creates a very accepting and safe atmosphere for learning. Everyone was treated equally and respectfully regardless of skill level or age."