"Tilt & Whirl" grows from... chaos.   I am constantly amazed at how hard it is to keep all the balls of life in the air. On the good days, the juggling feels like a joyous, maypole-y dance: the people I love, the world and its demands, along with my hopes and dreams, whirling and twirling around me in a blur or vibrant color and joyful noise. On the rough days, it is a tangled mess that drags me down and holds me back, and occasionally sends me into hiding at home.  

Sometimes I get caught up in the unique drama of me and my life, but then I look around and see that my friends and neighbors are all dealing with very similar challenges. It is amazing to see that what feels so personal and all-consuming (my effort to be flexible, responsive and somehow happy amidst the tilt and whirl of life) is really quite widespread, maybe even universal.

I have often found that when I am honest with people about both my dreams and my struggles, they are relieved to hear their own experience echoed in mine. It is a reminder: if we shared all those skeletons of worry in our closets a little more openly, we might all feel a little easier in our skins. This website is an effort to share both the challenges and successes of a practice towards love, courage and (fingers crossed!) joy. But such a journey is certain to have many bumps too, and I hope that by offering it all up to...well, you... that it is an effort that won't be so lonely -- for me, or for you. Thank you for joining! 

All materials on this website created by Torrey Carroll Smith -- artist, mom and community activist in Waterbury, Vermont